Fresh Meltz is India’s first mouth freshener and cleanser strips. Experience instant fresh breath confidence with our uniquely formulated oral hygiene fresh breath strips. It kills the germs that create odour in your mouth leaving behind a clean and fresh breath.

These strips melt on your tongue instantly for quick cleansing and freshness. Fresh Meltz is a pack of 15 sugar-free strips that can be consumed anytime for an instant oral hygiene.

Fresh Meltz helps you maintain your oral health and hygiene when there is very little scope to run to a washroom with a mouthwash or pop in a mint gum or candy. Fresh Meltz proves to be a trustworthy friend who boosts your confidence with a fresh breath anytime, anywhere.

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Fresh Meltz uses the most innovative film technology for oral hygiene and fresh breath. These thin films once placed on your tongue, instantly dissolve and fight with the bad bacteria in your mouth that create an odour.

Benefits of the thin film technology :

  • - Easily disintegrable and avoids trouble of swallowing or chewing
  • - Acts faster for instant results
  • - Efficient taste masking and palatability
  • - Easy to carry


A smile is the opener of any conversation and hence everyone wants a perfect smile.

A mouth that is clean, healthy, and odour-free creates great smiles. Therefore, oral hygiene is vital and must be followed religiously. Having poor oral hygiene not just leads to dental and medical problems but also affects your personality and hence your confidence. A breath that smells bad can kill conversations. A smile with bad teeth and smelly breath can shatter your dream of creating the best first impression. Earning a perfect smile with healthy, clean, and fresh mouth is just a matter of 5 steps.

  • Step #1: Proper Brushing: Brushing your teeth properly does not mean to rub them vigorously. Following the right technique of brushing your teeth is very important. The up and down motion of your brush at 45 degrees from your gums cleans your teeth better than vigorously rubbing them left and right. Brushing twice a day is ideal for maintaining good oral hygiene.
  • Step #2: Flossing: Flossing helps you remove food particles and other detrimental substances that brushing regularly cannot. Flossing allows you to reach deep between your teeth where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach or even mouthwash cannot wash away.
  • Step #3: Tongue cleaning: While brushing teeth, people often forget to clean their tongue. Your tongue is a field of countless bacteria that particularly live on the rougher top surface of your tongue. These can contribute to bad breath (halitosis) and negatively affect your dental health. Clean the surface of your tongue daily.
  • Step #4: Healthy diet: Say no to tobacco; it will save you from oral cancer and many other countless ill effects. Limit the consumption of aerated drinks, coffee, and alcohol. Beverages containing additives such as corn syrup and food dye can make pearly white teeth appear dull and discoloured. Consume calcium and vitamin rich diet that is good for your teeth health. Drink milk, fortified orange juice and eat yogurt, broccoli, cheese, and other dairy product. Calcium and Vitamin D are necessary for maintaining the health of gums and teeth.
  • Step #5: Dental check-up: Never overlook any teeth, gums or jaw related pain. If it does not stop after a few home remedies make sure you visit your dentist for professional analysis and treatment. The best thing you can do is to schedule regular dental checkups and professional cleanings.
    As an adult, we are not immune to dental problems anymore. Even a minor toothache can be a big problem in our busy schedule. Hence, precaution is always better than cure.